No-Hassle EV Charger Installation Bundles

This is your one-stop-shop for charging your EV at home. Select your charger and one of our certified professional electricians will install it for you.

Get Charged Up in Just a Few Simple Steps

One Stop Shop: Buy a Charger + Installation Bundle and get charging in no time.


Pick a Charger

We'll help match you with a compatible charger that fits your budget and charging needs.

Schedule an Installation

No need to find an installer, your charger comes bundled with an installation from a certified professional electrician.

Safe and Easy

These chargers are extremely easy to use, but we'll still provide you with instructions so you can charge your car safely.

Find the Best Rate

We check with your utility to find discounted electricity rates for charging your EV. Plus, we'll look for state and federal tax incentives.


Smart Chargers for Your Home

We sell EV chargers from industry leader, ChargePoint, so you have the most advanced charging technology in your home. WiFi enabled, Nest integrated, sleek design, and easy operation; these chargers are loved by thousands of happy EV drivers! Plus, they're backed by a 3-year warranty!

Professional Installation

No need to worry about finding the right installer for your charger, we work with only certified, professional, and experienced electricians who know exactly how to setup your charger. They'll show up on time, and you don't have to worry about paying them because we've negotiated special installation rates that save you money!


Bundles Starting at $899

Charger Bundle

$ 899
  • Compatible with all vehicles
  • Level 2 EV Charger
  • 25 miles of range per hour
  • Professional Installation
  • Utility Rate Check
  • Starting at $899



Great question! It's fairly simple and just takes a few steps

  1. We'll help you find the right charger for your vehicle
  2. Tell us a bit about where you want the charger installed:
    • Garage or Outside?
    • Is your garage attached to your house?
    • Where is your circuit breaker lcoated?
  3. Place your order for a charger and installation bundle (starting at $849)
  4. We'll get it touch to schedule a convenient time for the installation
  5. Your charger will be mailed directly to your house, just set it aside until your installation.
  6. Our experienced professional will arrive on-time to install your charger. It takes only a few hours (depending on your setup from step 2).
  7. We'll follow up with you a few days after the installation to make sure everything is going well!

Yes you can, but here are a few thoughts before you do so.

First, we DO NOT markup the price of the charger itself when we sell it to you. We've negotiated special install rates from our electricians, and we pass some of the saving to you, and keep some for ourselves. So, you won't save much money by purchasing the charger yourself.

Next, we strongly discourage installing the chargers yourself, unless you have significant electrical experience. It is true that tis is a relatively easy process for an experienced professional, but without the proper training and knowledge this can be dangerous to you and your home. A professional installation from an experienced electrician (like ours) will ensure your charger is setup safely and corrrectly.

So, unless you are an electrician or know one who will give you an amazing deal, you're probably better off by having our experienced professionals do the work.


We work directly with highly experienced professional electricians in your local area to actually install the chargers. Before partnering with them, we verify that they are fully insured, certified electricians, and experienced with home EV Chargers.

We've negotiated special rates with them, so you save money compared to finding an electrician yourself.


As soon as you place your order, we'll ship the charging station to your house. We'll also get in touch with you to schedule the installation. Typically, the whole process takes about 2 weeks but that just depends your availablity for the installation.

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